MANY thanks to all of the support from my customers!! 

With all of your sponsorship for my recent run I managed to raise around £1300 for my friend Darron, a local window cleaner that fell and broke his neck.
The aim at the moment is £27,000 for a head operated wheelchair so he can come home. The fund is up to just over £20,000 so far, so we're almost there.
There'll be plenty more to spend on unfortunately, home modifications etc, so if any of you win the lottery, please bear him in mind!

If you'd like to read more of Darron's story, please go to this page,  https://www.facebook.com/darronsfund , where you can read about our communities' various efforts to raise the money for the wheelchair for him.  If anybody wants to make a donation, please direct them to that page where there is a 'DONATE' tab.

Darron has also been interviewed for a window cleaning magazine, in the October issue. Download your copy for free here.  http://www.windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk/html/magazines.html

THANK YOU for your sponsorship, every little helps...